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COVID-19 and your floral arrangements.

Posted by Jean Phelps on 19th Mar 2020

We understand COVID-19 poses unique challenges on floral delivery. I am currently the only person delivering flowers. I am calling or texting the recepients to let them know I have flowers for them. I then set up a time and I will deliver and leave at the door. This is the best way I have found to keep everyone safe. I am not delivering to Hospitals or Assisted Living homes at this time. I am delivering funeral homes, but many have cancelled services at this time, but we can do to the the home. I will deliver to certain businesses that are open and can accept flowers. I am like everyone else, just trying to survive the mess and not hurt anyone in the process. Flowers are important right now, they really make things seem normal and the are encouraging and lets face it, they make people happy and a lot of us are far apart and miss each other, they offer comfort in a upsetting time! 

Orders also need to be placed the day before or early in the morning, my wholesaler is cutting hours due to the crisis and I need to get things early. Thanks again!



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