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While we at The Bloom Closet Florist truly appreciate your business, we also feel it our responsibility to look out for not only your interests, but also the interests of our fellow florists.

Today, more than ever traditional florists work on razor thin margins, and face more and more indirect competition from companies that have never touched a stem.

Even FTD, the once great association of retail florists is today nothing much more than a reseller that keeps upward of 30% of consumer and florist dollars on every order placed with them.

When you order online at a non-florist, like FTD,com or any of the other non-florist order brokers the florist that fills your order receives only about 58 to 64 cents on the dollar.

The same thing happens if we take the order, and transfer it to another florist on your behalf.


The Bloom Closet Florist  would rather direct you to a quality local florist in the destination city of your floral gift, giving you not only much more control of what is ordered, how much you spend and the ability to convey the emotion you want your floral gift to say, but also giving the filling florist 100% of the dollars they deserve to fulfill your order.

To that end, we would be more than happy to give you the number of a good, quality local florist for you to contact directly. You may call us at 706-364-2588 and we will find a great florist for you to deal with!

As always, we value each and every one of our customers, and thank you for your years of ongoing support.

As the world changes so must we, and this is a change we are making for your benefit and the benefit of the floral industry as a whole.

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Thank you for your business!



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