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What Kind of Valentine?

Just like our Valentine's, flowers come in hundreds of shapes and sizes. When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, carefully selecting the flower varieties and colors you send will result in a thoughtful, customized gift your sweetheart will treasure.

The first step is to consider your sweetheart's preferences:

What colors does he or she like? Men respond well to vivid, crisp colors such as red, orange, purple and blue, what color is their car? Some women tend to relish pastel tones of pinks, peaches and lavenders. But if she is a little wild and contemporary, she may like flowers that are bright and a variety you don't see everyday, hyacinth, Ornamental Kale, etc.

Does she have any favorite flowers? What are his hobbies? The Bloom Closet Florist can create arrangements that revolve around your sweetheart's favorite hobby, sport or pastime.

Ask yourself what message you want to convey. Do you want her or him to get a arrangement that is Gigantic or Short and  full in a neat cube vase.

Here's some advice to guys on how to send just the right message to the woman in his life – a new girlfriend, that special someone, Mom or a good friend or that special guy...

The New Thing.This emotion may be the most difficult for a man to express, a passionate arrangement is filled with hot pinks, oranges, reds and golds. Add a great card to make the arrangement perfect. For some great Valentine's Messages, click here Valentine's Card Message Ideas Valentine's Mix 

The Real Deal. Flowers are intimately – and internationally – linked with the art of romance, and for good reason. Flowers become symbols of different events and milestones in our lives together. Take note of her favorite flowers – the varieties at your wedding, flowers you sent her when you first started dating or the ones she buys for herself. Those will have great meaning and impact.

Leading Ladies. “No woman – especially moms, grandmas and sisters – should live without  the joy of receiving flowers. A fabulous garden-style arrangement with greens and soft pastel hues – no matter what the flower – will send the message that you care.  

The Gal Pal. Flowers that show you’re thinking of someone, but not in a sensual way, have a natural, just-picked feeling, such as daisies, gerber daisies, sunflowers, tulips, etc. Bright bold colors are fun and whimsical. A basket with a mix of flowering and green plants delivered to her door or office is also a sure fire winner. Gerber Love

For Guys with some Trendy, Sex in the City Ladies, here are some ideas:

Monobotanic. Arrangements featuring only one type of flower (such as all roses,lilies, tulips, gerbers) are in style and may even include different colors of the same flower in the vase or container. Multi Color Tulips

Monochromatic. Pick a color, any color and stick with it! If her favorite color is white, for example, let The Bloom Closet use a fresh bouquet of different flowers in the same color range. See White Cube

Bunches of Texture. Let The Bloom Closet Florist  select complementary flowers of various textures to place in bunches in an elegant glass container. This unique look has a bold, contemporary feel and will surely provide the “wow” factor. Hydrangea Love Extra Large

To get the best selection and ensure prompt delivery, call us (866) 214-5443 or Local (706) 364-2588 the week before Valentine's Day.

When you call, have the necessary information handy: the recipient's name, address, phone number, what you want to send. Take a look at the For Guys Who Don't Know What to Send or Valentine's Day Arrangements from the Bloom Closet



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